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Factions Action!

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Hello CPs!

I just wanted to start a thread about the recent activity in Factions. (All good in my opinion!) Since Tetech has allowed the use of TNT we have seen an increase in base attacks, pvp, raiding strategy, and hunting for other's bases; all of the good stuff that makes Factions fun.

I wanted to let people know, those who may have not visited Factions in a while, that it is becoming more active and competitive. Personally, I decided to challenge myself and poke at the highest level player, Rev. He was able to get revenge and slay me with one or two hits! :d D'oh! I look forward to many more raids, brawls, and fun fights.

I also wanted everyone to know that any attacks or pvp in Factions is nothing personal at all. I love the CP server and am a peaceful happy builder in Valor. Factions gives me a chance to be a sneaky rogue and I enjoy the change of personality occasionally.

I hope more of you will consider joining us on Factions. May the odds be ever in your favour!
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Posted Apr 9, 18 · OP
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Hello! Now that TNTgrief works in wilderness chunks, we can start making villager trapped chest traps bwahaha!
Use the force you must!
Posted Apr 12, 18