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Factions - Tips and tricks.

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So this is just a thread that will tell you what to do and what not to do to get better. This idea struck to me after so many less-experienced players have died. First we'll talk about the basic minecraft setting to keep on or off.

So first of all always keep your clouds off and graphics on fast to reduce lag. Second of all you should keep your render distance at least on 8. Anything lower and you could have a HUGE disadvantage, For an example, What if you are getting chased and don't know what to prepare for before the player chasing you does. You would have less time to get your reflexes up to speed. You would have less time to eat, etc. Make sure to keep your max framerate above 60 because anything under could be quite laggy, For example my brother had it on 10 and he was having some really big trouble with lag. That's pretty much it for this one. Now we'll go onto controls and hotkeys.

So what you need to know about controls and hotkeys are... They can be different for different people so you might want to fiddle around with it but here is my setup. My settings are pretty much the basic minecraft controls but there are a few changes, and here they are.. I changed the sprint key to the letter R, It's mainly just easier to reach rather than having to get your pinky finger all the way down to the Left-Control button. That's actually the only change for hotkeys but now for the controls. What you should probably do is turn off Auto-Jump it can sometimes mess you over. Once it ended me up in the void. But there are still some settings some people don't pay much attention to. Like Sensitivity or FOV. These 2 controls can Drastically change the outcome of a battle. Sensitivity is pretty much in the name, But what it is, Is just how little movement you need to move your mouse. So if you like moving your mouse across your desk/table you would probably go for a low sensitivity like 80% but however if you are using a trackpad. Try for a higher sensitivity percent. Now moving onto FOV. FOV is pretty much how much zoom you have. I believe the basic is 65-70 but that is not recommended. What I recommend is no lower than 80. I use Quake pro but it can take a little bit of getting used to. Moving onto hotbar setup.

The basic hotbar setup is. A sword in the first slot, A pickaxe in the second, Some food in the third slot,Ender pearls in the fourth slot and blocks. The reason for a sword is quite obvious and you should never go without one, A pickaxe is also quite obvious, You can use it to mine away and then teleport to spawn or your base. The food is so you can keep your sprint. Always try to keep above 5 drumsticks but don't eat a cooked porkchop if you only have one drumstick lost. Enderpearls are in case of emergency. If you are out of blocks or the enemy is really close. Use an enderpearl to teleport away and when it lands continue landing. If the player who is chasing you doesn't having enderpearls you could get away quite easily. Blocks are just for climbing up mountains and such.

Now this is some things to look out for. If you see a base with a sign out saying something like "Rune's house" Don't go in it. Once you enter the door you'll probably fall down a pit and die. Claimed skybases are nearly impossible to raid as explosions are disabled. Your faction needs more power available than the faction you are raiding has so that you can overclaim it and just have access in the chests without having to blow them into pieces.

That's pretty much it.
Thanks for reading
Posted Dec 11, 17 · OP
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I like to set homes at faction bases so you can pop over and mess with stuff or if they expand or build over your home point you may even end up inside their base *evil laugh*
This is fine.
Posted Dec 15, 17
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Yo ruralair, chill
Posted Dec 16, 17